Mohila Bohumukhi Shikkha Kendra (MBSK) is Community Development and non-political organization committed to the empowerment of the deprived, disadvantaged and oppressed segments of the society especially poor, women and children who due to poverty, ignorance, household violence, violation of rights and vulnerability find themselves deprived and exploited in various ways. MBSK was originated by a group of dedicated volunteers of the locality who were motivated by the sprit of traditional social work. The organization was founded in 2nd February, 1972 and started activity by formation of a Samity and through the years in 1991, MBSK gradually took the shape of organization. MBSK has been implementing various activities relating to human and socio-economic development. The main objective of MBSK is to promote good governance at union parishad, to prevent violence against women, women leadership building, strengthen local Union parishad, water and sanitation, women empowerment and Value Chain for enterprise and entrepreneurship development, literacy and continuing education for human development and food security for ultra poor through development activities, such as Community mobilization, Health hygiene & nutrition, Skill development training, Asset transfer, Income generating activities, Awareness on Climate Change, Agricultural activity, Livestock Development, HIV/AIDS, develop human, socio-economic and health situation of the communities including minority people such as Hindu, Adibashi and other religion group evolving a participatory process of assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation through a promotion of community based organization founding on the principles of sustainability, equity, livelihood security, peoples capability and empowerment through right based approach and legal aids. MBSK has implemented on different activities viz. violence against women with the support of USHA and Manusher Janno Foundation, Women leadership and good governance with the auspices of SAP Bangladesh  building Making Market Works for Small Holder Farmers and Rural Producer (MMWSHFRP) with the components of Enterprise development and Value Chain Development with the support of Europian Commission through   Practical Action of Bangladesh for five years also worked on Marketing Development with ITDG for five years. Continuous women development with the components of literacy Leadership Building, water and sanitation and health hygiene and nutrition and income generating activities with support of MISEREOR Germany and Long Term Development Project with the support of SAP Bangladesh for 9 years with the component literacy, leadership building, strengthen local Union parishad, water and sanitation and health hygiene and nutrition, tree plantation, women empowerment, and income generating activities. Food Security Program also Implemented with USAID through CARE Bangaldesh The President of the peoples Republic of Bangladesh awarded “21st February Gold Medal”. to MBSK in 1981 for exceptional work on functional education for adults. MBSK continues its commitment to serving the underprivileged and work through the 24 field offices in 756 villages of 47 Unions under 18 upazilas of 4 districts all with the help of 45866 (Male-781, Female-45085) and children & adolescent-1995 beneficiaries and which among the group members are involved with the Micro credit member 29930 (Male-487 & Female-28796).

Having long experience in the field of Gender & development, prevention Violence Against women- VAW and women empowerment through income generating activities MBSK has full capacity to implement the any forms of gender violence. Since the following activities in relation to violence against women has appended below:-

 MBSK has gathered long  experience in the field of Good Governance at union parishad and prevention violence against women, women leadership building, strengthen local Union parishad, water and sanitation, women empowerment under the auspices of SAP-Bangladesh.

Gender sensitive state organs and social institutions and equal distribution of resources may help empower women and eliminate VAW.  Recognizing the fact USHA had undertaken the project ‘A Collective Drive to Engender the Process of Women’s Empowerment’ (CDEPWE) during August 2005-September 2008 with the financial support of MJF through implementing organization MBSK Dinajpur with successfully. . The Theme of the project was women’s economic empowerment through gender responsive micro credit. After successful completion of the project USHA undertook another project ‘Gender Responsive Approach to Women Human Rights and Economic Empowerment’ (GRAWHREE) during October 2008-June 2013. Both the projects were implemented through partners of USHA’s Gender Network located at Dinajpur. Under ‘GRAWHREE’ a massive programs were undertaken for women human rights, economic and social empowerment and combating VAW. Policy advocacy on gender responsive micro-credit was also an important part of the project through implementing organisation MBSK Dinajpur.  The significant achievements of the project inspired USHA to undertake this project ‘Reduction of Gender based Violence through Community Endeavour (ROGVICE) a period of July 2013 to March 2016.  in order to work more widely and intensively with different social groups through partner organizations MBSK Dinajpur to eliminate VAW and empower women. Under this project USHA will develop 06 VAW-free model villages where all kinds of violence against women will be eliminated. Apart, other 07 villages will be developed as gender sensitive village for VAW reduction and socio-economic- political empowerment of women where massive programs will be implemented in combination with the activities of model village and mentionable activities of GRAWHREE project.