1. Education Program:

MBSK, Balubari, Dinapur has been implementing the Literacy program by establishing with own initiatives for ensuring participation of poor student in education. The organization has been implementing the pre-primary schooling at Hazrat Ma Fatema (R)primary school . Children of poor and marginal people are student of the school and the school located at Sheikhpura. Till 850 students have been completed course of Pre Schooling and subsequently many of them continue study in Primary School.  At present the numbers of the students are 179. The age ranges of learners are 4-10 years. Every year a large number of students enrolled for education. MBSK afford expenditure of Books, Khata, Paper and pen for the student and   class-I, II & III are running.  As per class routine 4 days learning, 2 days poem, general knowledge and game has to be done for recreation. Examination held twice in a year. In every year MBSK arranged 02 mothers gathering, student household visit one time in each month, arrange annual sports and prize giving ceremony. After end of the course students goes to other school for education in higher class. The School also entitled education of Arabic and Sohih holy Quran for the different aged people. The people of the area are very gladly such education and it is running successfully.