MBSK Objectives:

  1. To promote food security through community mobilization, health hygiene & nutrition, skill development training, asset transfer, income generating activities, Awareness on Climate Change, agricultural development, livestock development including poultry development
  2. To promote good governance, women leadership building, strengthen local Union parishad, women empowerment through Enterprise development
  3. To promote literacy and continuing education for human development.
  4. To promote health, hygiene and nutrition practices (pregnant mother counseling, ANC, PNC, child growth monitoring, EPI) through medical services, health rights & court yard session,  water and sanitation education 
  5. To promote conflict resolution through mediation, women empowerment and build leadership in the community.
  6. To promote Gender and development, human rights, women right, child rights and good governance.
  7. To ensure child security through right based approach
  8. Organize group of girl and boy for raising voice against violence through awareness rising session on rights and responsibility.
  9. To create awareness regarding preventive health measures, HIV/AIDS and family planning.
  10. To raise the voice of women and articulate their actions against in injustice and other exploitation measures.
  11. To supply Tube-well and latrine sets for development of health and hygiene practices.
  12. To establish nursery & tree plantation for maintaining ecological balance.
  13. To encourage the beneficiaries for homestead vegetable gardening.
  14. To provide support on Income generating activities for poverty reduction.
  15. To prevent women oppression, girl, women and child trafficking, anti-dowry and early marriage
  16. To provide training on legal awareness and extend legal support.
  17. To provide training on Tailoring and handicraft for self reliant
  18. To extend support to the minority people such as Hindu and Aborigine (adibashi) people with involvement of the activity.
  19. Awareness and development on environment.
  20. To prevent epidemic such as Bird Flu(Avian Influenza) and pneumonia through awareness raising and other medical services.
  21. To involve with Research Activities.
  22. To provide support to extreme poor women, extreme minority group in Monga area.
  23. To undertake the activities for disable people.